Dr. Luis Diego Herrera Amighetti

“The best medical practice is the one that approaches and treats the patient from an integral point of view. This means taking into consideration the patients´ social context, their family, their physical health and their spiritual condition. As a team, we aspire to include mental health as an essential component of people´s integral wellness. We need to stop separating body and mind as two different systems and eradicate all stigmas and judgments that have been holding up the correct treatment of mental health issues.”

Catalina Solís - Neuro-psychologist

“As a neuro-psychologist, I work conducting evaluations on patients with cerebral damage. This allows us to identify key aspects of human performance on learning and memorizing processes, problem solving, and other vital aspects. The goal is to recover and compensate or optimize the patients functionality regardless of their condition.. This is done under a biopsychosocial approach, based on evidence that involves the patient and its family”.

Dra. Cinthia López - General Psychiatry

Psychiatry specialist with extensive experience in clinic, psychotherapeutic and in-hospital experience. Dedicated to the evaluation and treatment of adult patients.

Luis Otero - Clinic Psychology

PhD, Clinical Psychology Specialist with a postdoc on conciliation and mediation. Graduated from the Universidad de Costa Rica (UCR), Universidad Nacional Autónoma de México (UNAM), Universidad de Illinois, USA, Hebrea de Jerusalén - Israel and Barcelona. Professor in UCR- Clinic Psychology Unit Coordinator - HCG and Clinic Psychology Specialty in SEP - UCR, CENDEISS. CCSS. Council of Medical Sciences. 50+ years of experience in Clinical Research, teaching, supervising, and clinical treatments and diagnosis on a national and international basis. Helps patients with affection alterations, stress, sexual dysfunctions, domestic violence, and terminal patients.

Dr. Jorge Manuel Gutiérrez – Psiquiatría Infantil

General Psychiatry and Kids and Teenager Psychiatry Specialist with studies in drug abuse. Psychiatry professor in the Medicine School of Universidad Hispanoamericana and Postdoc Professor in the Psychiatry Career at UCR. Kids and Teenager Specialist at the San Vicente de Paul and Metropolitan Hospital.

Clara Schoham - Family and Couple Therapy

“I am a psychologist by vocation. I represent the idea of people taking ownership of their lives from our conversations. Suffering is inevitable, but it is also a great opportunity of growing and transforming into a better version of ourselves, improving our social relations, and creating harmony between family, work, and personal matters. I am a psychologist focused on women's health and ex-pats”.

Mariangel Vindas – Strategic Therapy and Hypnosis

The purpose of my work is to improve the quality of life from a health promotion approach. I use Strategic Therapy which is focused on emotions. My treatment is complemented with Clinic Hypnosis. My goal is to accompany all the people that have decided to work on their wellness and help them enjoy the best of their lives. Some of the most common contact reasons are Phobias, Panic Attacks, OCDC, PTSD, Hypochondria, Paranoia, Grief, Pain Management, and Healthier Relationships.

Marielos Arce – Psychology

Psychologist specialized in oncology and terminal patients, patients´ and family grief. Couples crisis, PTSD, and group therapy.

Sofía Valerio – Psychology

I work from the psycho-oncology and palliative care approach. I offer a therapeutic space for patients in crisis, companionship on oncology or chronic diseases and grief processes. I work on the adaptation process whenever there is a new illness, heavy treatments, or sequels of medical procedures that cause anxiety and depression in the patient and his/her beloved ones. I also focus on improving the emotional well-being, and life quality providing our patients with the tools to manage and healthily control their emotions.

Susana Zelaya – Psychology

Psychologist specialized in oncology and palliative care patients. “I have the privilege of accompanying people that are facing major changes or challenges in their lives. I help them findsolutions, working on their capabilities and getting new tools to improve their quality of life”.

Andrés Arce – Psychology

I have over 16 years of experience in individual, couple, and group therapy with kids, teenagers, and adults. I have combined my clinical experience, with teaching and participation in national and international congresses. For the past 5 years, I have imparted several courses on a Clinic Psychology and Health master’s degree. I also completed duties such as educating and supervising students that will be defending their Postgraduate thesis which allows me to keep updated on the most efficient treatments for different populations.

Andrés Arce – Psychology

I am a clinical psychology professional with extensive background on disorders such as: anxiety, depression, insomnia, anger management, and grief in both adults and teenagers. I use the scientific data to help people achieve their emotional goals and stay in control of their behavior and thoughts. I also apply the scientific evidence to improve the wellness and potential of my patients in every area of their lives.

Frederick Stewart- Project Manager

Project Manager, Industrial Engineer graduated from Northeastern University, Boston, USA. Holds an Executive Master in Business Administration from the Instituto Centroamericano de Administración de Empresas (INCAE). Specialized in process improvement and customer experience in the Centro de Salud Mental Herrera Amighetti, leading regional mental health projects in the Hospital Metropolitano.