Clinical Services

The brain, as an organ, is the most important and complex of them all. For many years it was studied independently, as if it was isolated from the rest of the body, when it actually is the center of emotion processing, the learning process, conduct and habits.

Society modernization, its complex organization, and growing demands over individuals and families have made clear the necessity of receiving services that were not as popular in the past and upgrading existing services, such as, mental health and pedagogy for kids, teens, and adults.

Traditionally, psychology and psychiatry services offer different specialties that work individually looking to communicate and coordinate their work. Also, there are many technics and approaches which make it hard for families and parents to distinguish between the options available. Science has allowed humanity to build therapeutic technics based on evidence that allows specialists to confirm its effectiveness, but still, people do not have access to much information about these options and techniques. For this reason, when people analyze the options available, they do not know that the efficacy of these processes has been confirmed. Also, the scientific fundaments in between, and if these are correct methods or treatments for their problems.

Experience has shown us that in the neuro-psycho-pedagogy field, our population has big needs and there is a lot of confusion and inquiries that need to be addressed.

Some of the most common ones are:

“There is not a manual for being a parent”

“My son was diagnosed with learning issues, but I am not sure what the problem is exactly”

“I am always worried and anxious, I don´t know if is just stress for the tests or if I should look for treatment”

My daughter is worried because she feels overweight, I don´t know if it´s an age thing”

“My son´s teacher believes he needs to be evaluated but I don´t know where I should take him”

“My daughter has been irritated and distant; they say is a normal teenager thing but I am afraid she might be depressed”

“Things have changed so much you don´t know how to be a parent anymore”

“People says so many things about med you don´t know what to believe any more”


Our clinic offers, for the first time in this industry, services from a multidisciplinary group that works in an integrated way with practices based on scientific evidence.

Our organization is based on group practices, deeply applied in more developed countries, where professionals work together from their expertise areas and receive feedback and supervision from the most experimented specialists.

Our services are psychological and psychiatric evaluations, psychological attention, diagnostic and psychiatric treatment.